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Feel like your Best self again…

Access World Class Equipment And Protocols
Used by Industry Experts and Anti Aging Recovery Clinics

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What’s in the Introductory Experience?

The Feel Good Introductory Experience is a counterintuitive approach to health, recovery & preventative health care that offers access world class technology, protocols and equipment without the need for expensive memberships, bundles or commitment.
Our bespoke package gives you access to the the best in wellness technology and protocols without the lengthy trial and error process when trying something new.

As a result…You save time, money and find the right approach to living the life you want to live.  

Try the best in recovery technology and feel good today!

Access the Best in the Industry

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Shortcut your way to feeling good…

When working with clients, we found most were unsure what equipment and protocols would work for them.


For example, some thought cryotherapy would be the holy grail to their chronic fatigue, when it was really red light therapy and infrared saunas.


For others, conditions like long covid completely subsided with just cryotherapy and red light therapy, when their doctor only recommended saunas.



This is because every body is unique with its own needs.


And, they only found out weeks and sometimes months into their treatment plans, because they hadn’t tried anything else!


This made staying consistent with treatments difficult, and often times miss out on the opportunity to truly rejuvenate and heal themselves.



This led us to develop the all-in-one Feel Good Introductory Experience.


A simple solution that saves you the trial and error period to find what works for you.



Now you have the opportunity to try the very best in wellness technology at a fraction of the price and in one or two visits to our clinic.

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Here’s How it works

Step 1: Get your Introductory Experience.

Step 2: Our friendly staff will get in touch to book your session.

Step 3: Pick a time that works for you. (We’re open 7am to 9pm, every day)

Step 4: Enjoy your experience!

All Rooms are Private and Include a Shower and Towels.

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Ditch feeling sluggish, run down and stressed. Feel How You Should.


The Only Recovery Clinic with Over 200+ 5 Star Google Reviews


We are in the heart of Sydney’s inner West.
4 norton Street, Leichhardt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do These Treatments Work For?

These treatments work best for anyone experiencing or wants to prevent inflammation.

Generally speaking, inflammation is the bodies response to an irritant. 

This response can be in the form of brain fog, fatigue, rashes, eczema, sciatica, endometriosis, IBS, acne, cancer and so much more. Our treatments are scientifically proven to support the body in its natural response to quelling inflammation. 

Are These Treatments Safe?

Our treatments are considered generally safe. All guests are asked a simple questionnaire before using all treatments to check for any contraindications. Should you not be suitable or able to use a treatment, an alternative service will be offered or a full refund.

Do I Need A Doctors Prescription?

A doctors prescription is not required to use any of our treatments, however we recommend consulting your GP if you are unsure. 

Who Shouldn’t Use These Treatments?

Whilst our treatments can be used by most, Infrared sauna, cryotherapy and red light therapy should not be used if you are pregnant. 

Cryotherapy and infrared saunas should not be used if you have extreme temperature sensitivity. 

Our staff will assist address all concerns through our comprehensive waiver before using any service. 

Where Is The Best Place To Park?

We recommend parking at Norton Street Plaza (2 Hours Free) and walking down. 

Can I Bring A Friend?

Of course! We encourage guests to share their experience with a friend. All guests who bring a friend on their first visit will get a bonus experience which staff will share on arrival. 


If you are looking to bring a friend simply mention this on the booking call.