Recovery Centre Near Me

From professional athletes to fitness fans, or even just those who enjoy a brisk walk out in nature, Feel Good Nation is the one-stop-shop for sports recovery in Sydney.

We have a holistic approach to the therapies we offer in-house. Our emphasis is on promoting faster recovery time, relieving muscle pain, and reducing the chance of injuries through holistic natural therapy.

At Feel Good Nation, we offer:

      1. NormaTec compression
      2. Infrared sauna
      3. Float therapy
      4. Cryotherapy 

How Sports Recovery Can Improve Your Performance

Professional athletes have to deal with consistent pressure to perform at their best consistently. But, performing optimally at all times requires effective recovery. And that means more downtime, which most elite athletes want to avoid.

Therefore, Feel Good Nation has isolated the following techniques to assist athletes in speeding up their recovery time. This means you can get back to action sooner.


      1. These advanced methods can also improve agility, suppleness and mobility, effectively decreasing the risk of injuries.


      2. And don’t underestimate the mental side, either. Mental rest and relaxation are essential for the mind to be rejuvenated and focused when you’re ready to get back to training.


      3. Improved sleep is another benefit to be enjoyed, which can further promote optimal recovery and enhanced performance.

recovery boots
NormaTec Compression For Sports Recovery

NormaTec compression boots can be attached to legs and hips as a form of muscle recovery. The boots inflate, and the compressed air massages your muscles using the same techniques as a sports massage.

Sequential pulse technology is used for dynamic compression therapy as the massage pattern is scientifically designed so that the pulses stimulate blood flow. 

As blood travels through our veins, it carries oxygen, hormones, and nutrients and delivers them to the cells. The blood also transports any wastes that the metabolism has produced out of the body, effectively flushing out unwanted toxins such as lactic acid that leads to stiffness and inflammation.

This optimised flow is beneficial for recovery as the blood can reach the affected muscles quicker, delivering much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells. From there, it effectively removes any toxins. 

NormaTec compression boots are a popular method of sports recovery because they:

      1. Help your system excrete waste products such as lactic acid, which decreases swelling and inflammation.

      2. Promote faster healing of muscle tears. Muscles recovering faster means less chance of injuries occurring. 

      3. Reduce pain and soreness, which minimises recovery time so athletes can get back to training sooner.

      4. Encourages the body to heal any scar tissue that has formed as a result of sports-related injuries and helps prevent the appearance of dark and raised marks.

      5. Increase flexibility, promoting a good range of motion, minimising the chance of injury.

Infrared Saunas Can Aid Overall Health and Recovery 

An infrared sauna is an enclosure made from wood and glass, with heaters attached inside. These heaters send warm shock proteins into the environment, keeping you comfortable and in control. In comparison, traditional saunas feature high humidity and intensity and often make people feel claustrophobic.

Infrared saunas mimic how the rays from the sun penetrate into the skin and activate the sweat glands. They dissolve the toxins and other unwanted substances in your cells, and they are then released through your sweat. This helps to revitalise your body without exposing it to the harmful side effects of prolonged sun exposure.

These saunas use heat to increase your core temperature and speed up blood flow, improving circulation. Waste products from the body can then be removed quicker, and oxygenated blood is transported to the muscles to recover faster.

Sweating effectively flushes out any impurities present in your skin through your pores, which revitalises and rejuvenates the skin. This raises the body’s core temperature, causing an artificial fever, accelerating your immune response, and increasing disease resistance.

Float Therapy Provides Relaxation

A floatation tank contains 500 kilograms of Epsom salt dissolved in 600 litres of water. The concentrated Epsom salt solution creates buoyancy, so bodies of all sizes can float in the tank effortlessly. The water is heated up to reach the same temperature as the human body. 

The tank consists of a small pod, and when the door shuts, you experience sensory deprivation because there’s nothing to see, hear, taste, smell or touch. Ridding your system of stimulation from your senses allows you to slip into a meditative state and effortlessly relax your body and mind.

Magnesium is a tool that’s been used to assist with recovery for centuries as it relieves tired and sore muscles. Submerging yourself in the tank with extremely high levels of Epsom salt means the skin can rapidly absorb the mineral and soothe the body.

Magnesium also helps to regulate blood pressure and circulation so freshly oxygenated blood reaches the organs, limbs and brain quicker. This then eases inflammation, can improve heart health and reduce pain. 

Floating without gravity takes the pressure off your muscles and joints, which creates an optimal healing and recovery opportunity. The lactic acid that builds up and creates stiffness is released from the muscles faster.

Cryotherapy to Recover From Hard Training Sessions

Whole-body cryotherapy is a healing treatment that’s comparable to an ice bath, except you only need to endure temperatures of between -110°C and -170°C for three minutes. When you get into the cryo-chamber, you are immersed in nitrogen for the cooling effect.

This immediately sends your system into fight or flight mode, and the blood vessels constrict to respond to the cold (vasoconstriction). The blood is directed towards the core to keep the organs warm and protect them, which means the blood travels away from the extremities. 

The process of vasoconstriction reduces inflammation and pain. Once the session is over, you return to room temperature, vasodilation occurs, and your blood rushes back to your extremities. Fresh blood brings nutrients that maximise the healing process. 

This technique is a popular form of sports recovery, as it reduces delayed onset muscle soreness and promotes recovery for faster healing. In some cases, this therapy can support athletic performance.