Infrared Sauna Newtown

Infrared (IR) therapy boasts numerous positive outcomes for people from all walks of life, so it’s no wonder that many engage in it regularly to boost their overall wellbeing.

Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to relieve muscle soreness, or if you need to ease the tension in your joints as a senior, infrared sauna treatment at our Newtown clinic can be beneficial for everyone. The heat that deeply penetrates the skin encourages purification through toxins released via sweat. From there, the heat can help speed up the metabolism and even boost the immune system.

At the very least, you may simply just be looking for 45 quiet minutes to yourself in your own bubble, away from traffic, emails, and screaming kids. Slip into a deep relaxation, soothe and destress your body and mind while significantly lowering your cortisol levels and blood pressure.


How Do Our Infrared Saunas in Newtown work?

An infrared sauna uses IR light waves. IR refers to the wavelength of energy that is projected, and when it meets the skin, we feel it as heat. 

Infrared heat naturally stems from sources all around us, such as fire, sand on the beach heated up by the sun, and even humans. Infrared is totally normal and is found everywhere we go – i.e.  the sun is the largest natural source of IR heat.

Light that the naked eye can see has different types of wavelengths. While infrared light can’t be seen directly, it still has a variety of wavelengths. Infrared waves benefit the human body by increasing thermal energy. 

There are three different waves present in a full-spectrum infrared sauna. They each have different characteristics and frequency ranges, including: 

      1. near-infrared waves (NIR)
      2. mid-infrared waves (MIR)  and 
      3. far-infrared waves (FIR).

Our Newtown infrared saunas consist of your own private room made from wood and glass. Inside, infrared heaters are set up to send out heat shock proteins. Because the environment is controlled, the space is highly comfortable.

The waves from the sauna penetrate the skin the same way that the sun’s warm rays do, which activates the body’s sweat glands as a result. This allows unwanted substances, such as toxins in the body, to dissolve on a cellular level and be expelled through sweat. This effectively revitalises the cells in your body and even your metabolism, but without the harmful consequences of prolonged sun exposure.

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Who Can Use Our Infrared Saunas in Newtown?

Because IR saunas have so many benefits, they can be used by pretty much anyone and everyone. Infrared therapy has been around for decades and has been studied thoroughly –  it has even been declared safe for babies, with hospitals using IR heat to keep newborns warm. 

Many patients may have undergone infrared therapy in their lives without even knowing it, as professionals from the medical industry – such as GPs, physical therapists, chiropractors, and dermatologists – use the procedure as a way to relieve pain. It’s also known to increase flexibility and treat skin conditions. 

Seniors in Newtown particularly enjoy infrared sauna treatments for their pain relief benefits and muscle and joint recovery results. Regular use minimises inflammation which can, in turn, reduce the symptoms and severity of arthritis and bursitis, strains and sprains, and muscle spasms.

Meanwhile, using an IR sauna raises your body’s core temperature, increasing circulation so that blood flows better and more optimally. Improved circulation allows muscles to relax and repair, and enhances mobility. 

Good blood circulation allows unneeded waste products like heavy metals and lactic acid to be removed from the body faster. Therefore, blood enriched with oxygen is transported to the muscles quicker, which allows the muscles to recover rapidly.


What’s the Difference Between a Traditional Sauna and an Infrared Sauna?

A traditional sauna uses a combination of heat and steam, which increases the air’s temperature to warm your body. On the other hand, an infrared sauna uses IR lamps to heat the body directly – this way, the surrounding air isn’t affected as much and doesn’t become as hot and unpleasant. 

The extensive range of benefits from sweating is what drew people to traditional saunas in the first place. An infrared sauna session is even better because while it also produces excessive sweating, the environment remains at a much lower temperature than what you would experience in a standard sauna. 

Many people find the intense heat of a steam sauna intolerable, so a more appealing option is to enjoy the same results and benefits through a more comfortable environment. Enter the infrared sauna. 

Plus, since an infrared sauna’s heat isn’t as uncomfortable, it’s much easier to stay inside for longer, allowing you to experience prolonged benefits.


What Are the Benefits of Regular Infrared Sauna Therapy?

As with any type of therapy or treatment, consistency is key. After just one session, the amazing benefits and side effects won’t be substantial. Our team of professionals from Feel Good Nation recommends undergoing one or two treatments per week at our infrared sauna in Newton. The more, the better. 

Benefits can include:

      1. A boosted immune system
      2. Deep relaxation
      3. Detoxification
      4. Elevated mood
      5. Improved circulation
      6. Improved sleep
      7. Muscles and joint pain relief
      8. Regulated blood pressure
      9. Rejuvenated and tighter skin
      10. Weight loss.

To get the most out of our Newtown infrared sauna session, you should aim to expose as much skin as possible. The standard choice of clothing is typically swimwear. Remember, you’ll be sweating deeply, so whatever you’re wearing will get sweat on it. We also provide clients with towels to use during the session. 


Key Takeaways

Because the health benefits enjoyed from infrared sauna use are so abundant that they have been extensively researched and, consequently, used for decades.

This non-invasive treatment relieves stress and pain, improves general wellbeing, and promotes overall health. 

Additionally, our Newtown infrared saunas have lower temperatures, so they are more tolerable than conventional alternatives that use steam. Plus, they produce a more profound and intensified sweat.

We recommend everyone try this experience and enjoy the benefits, but anyone with a chronic illness or medical condition should always consult their doctor first.

Contact us at Feel Good Nation for more information and book a consultation today.


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