Floatation Therapy

Relax in complete weightlessness.

Using state-of-the-art sensory deprivation pods, Floatation Therapy tanks are filled with 600 litres of water, followed by 500 kilograms of epsom-salts. This creates a deep magnesium sulfate solution which relaxes the body. The tank is then heated to 34.5°C (close to body temperature).

The combination of the temperature and epsom salts creates buoyancy and sensory deprivation, essential to the meditation process, and an overall experience of weightlessness on the body.

Feel Good


Most Importantly

Floatation Therapy is high in muscle relaxing magnesium, making floating an effortless exercise. This state, combined with the absolute peace and quiet and distraction-free environment of the tank, helps detach the body from the mind. As a result, the mind is free to recoup and work through accumulated stress.