Float Tank Sydney

A float tank experience consists of a large pod that has around 1000 litres of water infused with 550kg of Epsom salts. The heavily concentrated Epsom salt increases the water’s density, which makes your body float effortlessly on the surface. As this supplement features plenty of magnesium, it allows your skin to get a healthy dose of this nutrient while relaxing at the same time. 

Our float studio pod in Balmain has enough space to let you stretch out, with your body given room to stay clear of the roof, floor, or walls of the tank.‌ Although the pod is quite large, it’s only filled with water up to approximately 50cm deep.

The float studio that houses the tank is dark and soundproof. This is because floatation therapy is designed to deprive you of your senses, so you can get back to focusing on what really matters: creating a sense of calm away from your busy life. It’s our aim to have your stress melt away as you fully enjoy this meditative state.


Magnesium: The Key to Deep Relaxation

The use of Epsom salts is vital as they give the body buoyancy so it can float effortlessly. And the magnesium found in the salt is known to improve overall health and wellbeing, including supporting muscle and nerve function

As the skin absorbs the magnesium during your float studio experience, the body naturally optimises the magnesium levels to avoid increasing too much and becoming dangerous.

Increased magnesium in the body – thanks to a session in our float tanks in Balmain – can present you with benefits such as:

      1. Stress relief: magnesium assists in binding serotonin – known as being the happy hormone. As a result, increased magnesium can ease your stress and adrenaline.
      2. Relaxation: reducing your stress will naturally encourage feelings of well-being and relaxation.
      3. Blood circulation: if you have lower magnesium levels, you may be subject to symptoms like joint and muscle ache, inflammation and chronic pain. Increasing intake can improve blood flow, which is beneficial as the blood can remove waste products faster and bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the problem areas.
      4. Heart health: optimised blood flow keeps arteries from hardening, can minimise the likelihood of blood clots forming, and can decrease overall blood pressure.
      5. Headaches: magnesium is known to ease and prevent headaches and migraines.
      6. Bone health: bones can absorb calcium optimally if there is a higher magnesium level in the body.


Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation In Our Float Studio

Because our Balmain float tanks close you off from the outside world, they take away all stimuli. If you start feeling nervous or claustrophobic during your experience, you can leave the lid open and leave the light on in the float studio.

The water in the tank is strategically set to be the same temperature as your skin. When you’re immersed in body temperature water, it makes it difficult to feel where your full body is underwater and where it isn’t. This is done intentionally to feel like you’re floating in space with zero gravity.

The process for reaching sensory deprivation in a float tank goes like this:

  • the lights are turned off in the float studio, so you can’t see anything;
  • there isn’t any music or other noises to hear;
  • there’s nothing that you can smell, and
  • nothing to taste.

This enforces no concept of which way is up or down, body or water, time or space.  Our Balmain float therapy is a radically different type of relaxation that’s intensely deep and difficult to reach in regular life. While this mode of therapy has many benefits, it’s not uncommon to do it simply for the break it gives you from the busyness that life often presents us. However, it’s also ideal for injury recovery, relieving issues with trouble sleeping, aching joints or even jet lag.

The level of relaxation reached can be compared to taking anti-anxiety drugs or meditation. If you’re feeling anxious, this experience can also make you more aware of your body overall. All you have to do is lie back and focus on listening to your heartbeat, carefully breathing in and out to create a truly serene environment. 


Debunking The Myths 

People are often scared to try things they don’t understand, and sensory deprivation sounds pretty scary. Here are some myths debunked, so you can get the facts on what really happens with our Balmain float tank therapy.


MYTH: Float Therapy Is Dangerous

It’s not uncommon for first-time floaters to worry about falling asleep in the pod because of the deep relaxation. While you can indeed do so,  it isn’t dangerous. The intensity of the Epsom salt in the water creates high buoyancy, making it extremely difficult to flip your body over. You’ll remain on your back, even as you drift off, minimising risk significantly.

The only time when a float session can be dangerous is if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We don’t allow clients under the influence to utilise our tanks.

Additionally, floating isn’t advised if you have any of the following: 

      1. uncontrolled epilepsy
      2. low blood pressure
      3. contagious diseases like diarrhoea
      4. kidney disease, or
      5. open wounds.

Pregnant women can also float, and doing so has various benefits. For example, mum and baby can soak into deep calmness, and floating with zero-gravity takes the weight and pressure off of mum’s joints and muscles. 

If you are still unsure or have concerns, we recommend consulting with your doctor.


MYTH: Float Tanks Are Dirty

While many people use our tanks throughout the day, the magnesium from the Epsom salt kills organisms, preventing them from multiplying.

The tanks are also cleaned and sanitised very regularly, more so than public pools. The water transports through a micron filter post-float, and we use a mild dose of hydrogen peroxide combined with a UV light to kill any remaining bacteria. 

We also expect clients to practise good hygiene and shower before their session. 


MYTH: Lying in a Float Tank Is Boring

This over-connected life means we are constantly busy doing something, but a float studio provides a full hour of peace and quiet. While some might consider that boring, most think that’s a fantastic experience!

Our brains generate theta waves just before the body falls asleep or wakes up. You also reach this state whilst floating, and it’s known to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance creativity and inspiration, and even allow you to recall memories clearly. 

Book an appointment and witness the many benefits of float therapy for yourself. Our friendly professionals can give you a tour and answer any questions you have.