Float Tank Rozelle

Escape and destress from your busy life with a float tank experience in Rozelle. Slip into the large pod filled with 1000 litres of water and 500kg of Epsom salts. Let tranquillity take over and soothe your body and mind. 

A New Way to Destress

The high level of Epsom salt makes the water incredibly dense, so you float effortlessly on the surface. Additionally, the
magnesium in the salt is absorbed through your skin as you soak, letting it soak up plenty of nutrients.

Our float tanks in Rozelle are large enough that you can stretch out without making contact with any of the walls, roof, or flooring of the tank itself. Plus, they’re only filled with water to a depth of 50cm. 

The tank is situated in a floating studio that’s dark and soundproof. The aim of floatation therapy is to deprive you of your senses and any other external stimuli. A float tank experience will have your stress and tension melt away as you reach a meditative state that truly lets you relax. 

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Deep Relaxation Thanks to Magnesium

Epsom salts are a vital part of floating as they allow for buoyancy. And absorbing magnesium while you float can
benefit your overall health and well-being, aiding muscle and nerve function

As the magnesium seeps into your skin during the floatation therapy, your body regulates the magnesium at optimal levels, so they don’t get too high.

But beyond all this, increased magnesium can lead to benefits such as:

Stress relief: magnesium helps the body to bind serotonin, the happy hormone. Increasing your magnesium levels can therefore ease stress and adrenaline.

Relaxation: relieving some of your stress will bring about feelings of well-being, calm and relaxation.

Blood circulation: insufficient magnesium can lead to joint and muscle aches,  chronic pain and inflammation. Increasing your intake can optimise blood flow and subsequently remove waste products quicker. This also allows for fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow to problematic areas.

Heart health: optimal blood flow stops your arteries from hardening, reduces the chance of blood clots forming, and decreases your overall blood pressure.

Headaches: magnesium can ease and even prevent headaches and migraines.

Bone health: bones absorb calcium more effectively if there’s sufficient magnesium in the body.


Benefits Of Sensory Deprivation

Our Rozelle float tanks shut you off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world by removing all stimuli. If this makes you feel nervous or claustrophobic during the float experience, you don’t have to close the pod’s door, and you can leave the light on. You can trust us to keep your comfort a priority at all times.

Additionally, the water inside the tank is heated up to match the temperature of your skin. This is done intentionally to make it hard for you to pinpoint where you are underwater and where you aren’t. This sensation makes you feel as if you’re floating in space with zero gravity.

Float tanks promote sensory deprivation by:

      1. turning off the lights in the float studio so it’s pitch dark and you can’t see anything;
      2. ensuring there’s no music or other background noises to hear;
      3. having nothing present that has a smell;
      4. having nothing to taste.

This means you remain with zero concept of up or down, or even what is your body and what’s water. It can even be hard to determine space and time. Our Rozelle float tanks leave you with a feeling of overwhelmingly deep relaxation that’s difficult to achieve in everyday life. 

The intense relaxation can be compared to how the body responds to anti-anxiety drugs or medication. This experience can ease anxiety by clearing your mind as you become more aware of your physical state by focusing on your heartbeat and breathing in and out deeply. 

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Debunking Float Therapy Myths 

People can be apprehensive of new things that they don’t understand, and being deprived of your senses isn’t exactly the norm. To set the record straight, we’ve debunked some of the most common misconceptions regarding float tank therapy.

Float Therapy Is NOT Dangerous

While you might be concerned about falling asleep whilst in the float tank, doing so isn’t dangerous at all. Because you are so relaxed when you float, falling asleep is quite natural. The high concentration of Epsom salt in the water makes your body buoyant, so it’s extremely difficult for you to flip over, even when you’re intentionally trying to do so. As a result, the chances of drowning are exceptionally slim.

Pregnant women can also benefit from floatation therapy. Mum and baby are given a chance to relax and enjoy the calmness, and being suspended in zero-gravity provides mum’s joints and muscles with a much-deserved break. 

If you’re floating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it can turn a perfectly safe float session into a dangerous one. Doing so is highly discouraged for your own safety, and most float studios do not allow it at all. 

However, it’s important to note that floating is not suitable for those that have: 

      1. uncontrolled epilepsy
      2. low blood pressure
      3. contagious diseases like diarrhoea
      4. kidney disease, or
      5. open wounds.

If you are unsure or have any questions, always consult your doctor first.

Float Tanks Are NOT Dirty

We schedule numerous customers every day, so the tanks are cleaned and sanitised between sessions. After a float, the water goes through a micron filter and a mild dose of hydrogen peroxide is combined with a UV light to eliminate any bacteria that remain. The magnesium also assists in killing organisms and prevents them from multiplying.

However, clients are urged to practise good hygiene by showering before they enter the float tank. 


Lying in a Float Tank Is NOT Boring

We’re always trying to keep up with life’s demands and are hardly afforded the chance to stop and breathe for a second, but our float studio in Rozelle provides one hour all to yourself with peace and quiet. While it may seem boring at first, we promise that you’ll soon start to feel the excellent benefits.

As we fall asleep or wake up, our brains generate theta waves. You also reach the theta state while you are floating, and being in this state reduces stress and anxiety. It’s also known to enhance creativity and inspiration and encourage you to recall memories more clearly. And did we mention it can make you feel amazing?

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