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Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas help increase circulation by increasing core temp and blood flow. It is almost like passive exercise, or as I call it, exercise without exercising. 

The increased circulation helps muscles relax and repair, while helping increase mobility. It is also physically challenging in the last 10 minutes which helps give a great perspective on life and allow people to be present. 

Pain is part Physical and part Psychological. By doing something difficult and showing to themselves that they can do it, they sometimes overcome some of the psychological side of pain, and when they get the blood moving the physical starts to repair also.

Floatation Therapy

Float therapy helps reduce pain by activating the parasympathetic nervous system helping you to relax. Once relaxed, stress and anxiety are usually reduced, helping you sleep. 

Usually pain is brought upon by tight muscles and imbalances. The float tank also helps people get more in tune with their body at least from a muscular perspective, allowing them to unwind any tight spots and knots.

Floating helps with Anxiety and Depression by affecting the body on a chemical and physical level. Chemically Magnesium, a mineral many are deficient in is absorbed dermally (through the skin) which helps in the absorption of Vitamin D also. There are many studies showing how effective even sunlight is at helping with depression and anxiety, let alone Magnesium. 

Inside a float tank because all of your senses have been taken away temporarily, your mind is able to process all of its thoughts at a rapid speed, and then get to a point of harmony. For most people, this doesn’t happen until they get to bed at night, and are forced to stay awake for a few hours, leading to a cycle of insomnia and more anxiety and depression.

People don’t realise at first, but this is basically a way to bio hack meditation. For those who hate or don’t know how to meditate, it is a great way to get it in, and also for those who already meditate, it takes their level of meditation to a whole new level. I call it meditation on steroids.

Dermal application of Epsom salts to injuries and tight tissues leads to muscle relaxation. Float tanks are extremely relaxing for most people, forcing them to meditate. This alone is enough to reduce pain and improve recovery time. It does this by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Once one relaxes, their stress levels are generally reduced and allows them to sleep better, let alone the Magnesium which is absorbed dermally that should also help them sleep better.


Cryotherapy acts as an analgesic from a few different stand points. The cold triggers the body to release Norepinephrine. This is a chemical the body releases when it thinks it is in extreme stress to protect itself. It just so happens to be a natural pain killer. Cryo has been shown to reduce inflammation. This can help reduce swelling and pain directly. 

Another way Cryo helps with pain is that it reduces Nerve conduction. In lay mans terms, slows down pain receptors.

Cryo can help in many ways for injuries. It reduces inflammation, and can act as an analgesic from the norepinephrine Dump. Inflammation is usually at the forefront of pain. Depending on where and how the inflammation is affecting the individual, cryo can be effective in reducing the pain. I once had inflammation in my shoulder and cryo was my go to for pain relief. It is amazing how fast it can work. 

Another way it can work is from the reduced nerve conduction effect it has, which in layman’s terms means that the pain receptors are slowed down. Furthermore the increased blood flow can also help significantly. 

Normatec Circulation Therapy

One thing we hate about going to get a massage is usually the person giving it likes it one way and gives it to you like that, even if it isn’t your preference. And the pressure across different areas of the body, they don’t take into consideration.

With Normatec you are in control of the pressure at all times, and it gets all sides of the leg at the same time, not just where that thumb or elbow is jabbing into you. The flow of it is very soothing and helps you relax also. In our experience, most people become so relaxed they fall asleep before they even reach the half hour mark.

Yes and No. I believe there is a time and place for everything. In regards to recovery and general release of serotonin these will do the trick. Though Physical touch can be more therapeutic in other ways, the simplicity yet effectiveness of these tools are not easy to match by physical therapists, and also not at the same price point. These are a lot more cost effective for what they achieve compared to a real massage therapist who know’s what they are doing. When I used to give massage and Acupuncture, I was charging at least $100/hr and that was close after graduating, let alone what I could charge now if I continued to practice. There will always be room for humans, robots won’t completely make us obsolete, however the Normatec are definitely a huge part of my weekly routine.

How does a massage improve the recovery process? In somewhat the same way. 

The Boots increase circulation from direct pressure in their dynamic compression function. This increases not only blood but also Lymph fluid also. This brings fresh blood and nutrients to the area helping one recover faster. It also helps you pay attention to your legs and be aware of the areas that need the help the most. This allows people to not only stop and relax, but to also sleep better too.

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