Why Should I Start Being Healthier Today?

Why Should I Start Being Healthier Today?

Most people are doing the best they can with what they know, and the cards they have been dealt; but for most people, there are steps they can take to improve their health 

Why should I start being healthier today? It is a question that no one can answer but you. Though maybe some of these points will hit close to home.

  1. What does your future self look like? 
  2. Do you ever want kids? 
  3. Can I actually fix my body?


Is that really the future you can see? 

What do you picture life to look like in the future, say 10, 20, or 30 years from now if you change nothing? What do you want it to look like? 

most people see a healthier version of themselves, with their life in order, so the question that begs is, why not start today? 

For me, I first asked this question when I was 21 and partying every weekend. I thought “I don’t want to be that alcoholic father”, so I started to make changes that brought me to where I am today, not yet a father, but also not an alcoholic! 


Want kids? 

Do you want to be selfless or selfish? Did you know kids inherit a lot more than just your devilishly good looks? 

Children inherit your genetics (including obesity if you have that), and also your habits. N.b. if adopting, they won’t get your genetics, but they will get your habits in time! 

Pick up 1 new healthy habit today, like breathwork, and try to add a new one when it becomes second nature. I would say every 2 weeks so it’s less to think about. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your life will change from taking little steps. 

Did you know having kids is usually easier when your bits all work as they are supposed to, and the orgasms are better for both of you too 😉. For most people incorporating meditation (to reduce cortisol and make you more present) or learning how to breathe through the Diaphragm properly to increase Nitric Oxide will help this.


You mean, I can actually fix my body?

For the most part, YES you can reverse most of the damage that you have done to the body. 

If you cut off a limb, with the current technology available to you, we can’t yet grow a new one, but who knows what the future will hold.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was your body… If you have abused the hell out of it then it may take time to fix, but just know most things are reversible, and the earlier you start the better chance you have of actually fixing it. 

Remember, a stitch in time, saves 9!