Improve Leg Circulation and the Power of NormaTec Boots

If you’ve spent time around any pro athletes recently, you may have heard of NormaTec Boots – the latest trend in fast pain relief and muscle recovery.

Considered leg day’s greatest foe, NormaTec Boots use patented NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems to deliver rapid recovery and rehabilitation through unique dynamic compression devices.

By using compressed air, this technology is able to massage the legs by applying deep pressure and a relaxing massage through compression boots.

Visit Feel Good Nation, and a specialised operator will provide NormaTec systems including a control unit and attachments.

Your first experience of the system will be a pre-inflation cycle, during which the connected attachments are molded to your exact body shape. It’s rather futuristic! But this is the world of health technology these days. Quite exciting, if you ask us.

After this, the session really begins. NormaTec technology will compress your feet, calves and upper quad for recovery and rehabilitation – and away we go!

Each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release, providing a smooth and relaxing experience for the body exactly like a masseuse. It’s literally a robotic massage therapist!

This process will then repeat for each segment as the compression pattern works its way up your limb until your once-sore body is fully recovered and feeling fantastic!

The entire process will last 30 minutes. Well worth it!

Pop a visit in to Feel Good Nation and their special NormaTec Boots will have you feeling good and looking good!

Feel good with a perfect ease of pain and swelling, muscle soreness and of course, maximum relaxation.

You’ll also look good with varicose veins and lymph flowing through the body.

And, most importantly, Feel Good Nation will provide optimal blood and lymph circulation, recovery and range of motion.

Visit Feel Good Nation today and they’ll offer you a free NormaTec Massage session (valued at $39) as a great introduction to their wonderful services and space.

One thing I hate about going to get a massage is usually the person giving it likes it one way and gives it to you like that, even if it isn’t your preference.

And the pressure across different areas of the body, they don’t take into consideration, e.g. the calves feel like death when massaged with moderate pressure, and the Hamstrings can take an Elbow and I won’t even flinch.

With Normatec you are in control of the pressure at all times, and it gets all sides of the leg at the same time, not just where that thumb or elbow is jabbing into you.

The flow of it is very soothing and helps you relax also. In our experience, most people become so relaxed they fall asleep before they even reach the half hour mark.

There are some contraindications, however for most people they not only feel amazing but they are super beneficial.

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a contraindication, while Spider veins and varicose veins are more a caution.

Heart and blood pressure problems. Obviously the extra pressure can be extra load on the heart and circulatory system, so you should probably avoid this or get clearance first is that is something you suffer from.

Extreme deformities of the limb, local skin conditions, infections, infectious/contagious diseases, or recent fractures/breaks are also other conditions that are on the contraindication list.

Yes and No. I believe there is a time and place for everything. In regards to recovery and general release of serotonin these will do the trick. Though Physical touch can be more therapeutic in other ways, the simplicity yet effectiveness of these tools are not easy to match by physical therapists, and also not at the same price point. These are a lot more cost effective for what they achieve compared to a real massage therapist who knows what they are doing. When I used to give massage and Acupuncture, I was charging at least $100/hr and that was close after graduating, let alone what I could charge now if I continued to practice. There will always be room for humans, robots won’t completely make us obsolete, however the Normatec are definitely a huge part of my weekly routine.