benefits of float therapy

Six Benefits of Float Therapy

Water has been used to soothe our bodies both mentally and physically for centuries. Listening to the rain pattering on your window, the lapping calm waters of a lake or stream, bobbing along with the mesmerising waves of the ocean, or tapping a hot bubble bath at the end of the day – the healing ability of water is powerful. 

Floatation therapy combines this power with the deeply relaxing properties of Epsom salt solution that’s magnesium-enriched

Float therapy is also known as restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as it takes place in a floatation tank that encloses you in a bubble cut off from the rest of the world.

The water is infused with large amounts of magnesium sulphate, so your body floats more effortlessly than the Dead Sea. The water is heated to skin temperature, so sensory deprivation can be reached, with nothing to see, hear, feel or smell but the weightless abyss of seemingly endless water.

Besides relieving stress and achieving deep relaxation, sensory deprivation tanks have numerous proven benefits that we look into below. 

1) Sensory Deprivation Therapy Can Reduce Chronic Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a common 21st-century occurrence, thanks to increasingly demanding and taxing jobs, ridiculous traffic, financial problems or conflict within relationships. In these situations, our fight-or-flight system gives up some of our basic regulatory functions to prioritise those that will help us survive a potentially harmful situation. 

Many disorders arise as a result of our bodies being unable to return to their normal state of homeostasis. 

Float tanks are arguably one of the best ways to shut out the outside world and enter the most relaxing environment available to humankind. Stress relief can be achieved almost instantly from floating therapy, and it can refresh and nourish the body’s physical and mental health.

2) A Float Tank Can Provide Pain Relief

Some people report that the calm and serene environment of float therapy fills their body with endorphins which can relieve pain.

Additionally, the weightlessness of your body removes all pressure and tension on joints and muscles. This can reduce physical pain such as knee, hip or neck pain. 

Additionally, the Epsom salts’ magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory agent for tired and aching muscles.

3) Optimised Blood Pressure and Blood Flow Thanks to Floatation Therapy

When you’re floating, your whole body is removed from any contact. Blood vessels can fully dilate, which maximises blood flow so oxygen, red blood cells and nutrients can circulate and reach the different parts of the body faster.

Good blood circulation is important for overall health and the body’s healing process. Bad circulation increases the risk of blood clots and other health-related problems.

The magnesium that you absorb from the Epsom salts during floatation therapy can reduce high blood pressure.

4) Floatation Therapy Can Enhance Athletic Recovery and Performance

Athletes that train very hard build up an excess of lactic acid in their muscles. This is a toxic by-product of anaerobic glycolysis. Floating releases the lactic acid buildup in sore and stiff muscles to ease pain.

This is particularly beneficial for athletes and sportspeople who would have to take rest and recovery days between strenuous sessions. Time spent in a floatation tank can drastically reduce the amount of downtime needed.

On a mental level, sensory deprivation in an isolation tank lessens the mind’s distractions from external stimulation and leaves the perfect environment for focus and visualisation. This time can be used for manifesting their peak athletic performance.

benefits of float therapy

5) Improved Rest and Sleep Quality From the Sensory Deprivation Tank

Many people find it difficult to turn their brains off to fall asleep. Sensory deprivation in the isolation tank reduces stimulation and brain activity so that the brain can find true rest and fully relax. 

Floatation therapy allows us to feel safe and secure and drift off to sleep with ease. Gravity inside float tanks is defied thanks to the Epsom salt, so the body remains buoyant, and there is no chance of turning over and drowning if you fall asleep. It is said that a single hour in a float tank is comparable to four hours of sleep.

You will leave your float therapy session rejuvenated and refreshed – and can still have a wonderful night of restful sleep thereafter. Sometimes people can even get so refreshed from the float that they can’t sleep at night, albeit this is rare.

6) Float Therapy for Pregnancy

Zero gravity provides pregnant women, especially those further along, an opportunity to alleviate the weight and strain of carrying another human being. It provides relief to the back, knee and ankle joints, and mums-to-be often report deep levels of connection with their unborn child whilst in the float tank.

Pregnant women suffering stress and anxiety can put their developing child at risk of programming influences. On the other hand, prenatal exposure to float therapy can lower cortisol, and a stress-free mom creates an optimal internal environment for the baby to grow happily and healthily.

Pregnant women should, of course, consult with their physician before undergoing floatation therapy, but take note that they are often the customers who report the best and most satisfying results from the treatment.

Key Takeaways

Undergoing float therapy in a sensory deprivation tank has many distinct benefits, but they all complement each other to optimise general mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

Optimised blood pressure and circulation can reduce inflammation and provide pain relief from muscle pain and muscle stiffness. This can help someone like a retail worker who is on their feet all day. But, it can also help athletes recover from muscle soreness quicker.

The weightlessness achieved by the high magnesium solution in the float tank provides relief on joints and muscles that work hard to keep us balanced when sitting or standing throughout the day. This can be especially beneficial for pregnant women who have to carry the weight of a baby all day.

A sensory deprivation tank shuts out the world and eliminates external stimuli. This provides stress relief as the brain is cleared and soothed, and a higher state of rest can be achieved. A float therapy session can leave you feeling completely rejuvenated with restored calmness.

At the end of the day, pretty much everyone can benefit in some way from floatation therapy in a sensory deprivation tank. The positive effects are endless, and if you’d like to try it out for yourself, contact Feel Good Nation to book a session.


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